Thursday, December 08, 2011


I usually try to keep this upbeat but I just finished reading an article about yet another school which has banned the playing of any Christmas music (Sorry, I mean holiday music). The rule stipulated that any music played on school grounds may not be “belief specific”. So no use of the words: God, Jesus, Santa, Christmas. If you eliminate all the songs with these references you end up with “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” “Jingle Bells,” and “Marshmallow World.
Why is it that we, as a society, are continuously being asked to bend to political correctness as defined by the ACLU and/or dictated to us by the small minority who threatens to sue the schools, towns or local store owners if they don’t comply with their demands? Why are they so threatened by Christmas? Isn't the enforcement of no religion the same as enforcement of religion? Not believing in religion is still a belief in something that you base your life off of. For some individuals to try and say that they are offended with religion is the same as offending me with your non-religion and the restrictions you place on me practicing mine. But non-religious people do not threaten me. How could they?

Does Christmas really offend anyone besides those that are truly at religious war with Christians or other organized religions? I am a baseball/football fan, I am not a Hockey fan, but I watch it once in a while and have been to a few games. I am not offended by those individuals who wear Boston Bruins shirts out in public as they walk on sidewalks that I pay taxes to maintain or when they place bumper stickers on their cars depicting their personal team, in plain sight, for all of us to read. When I do attend a game I stand up and sing the National Anthem, as the vast majority of other people do. If the song offended me I would just stay seated while everyone else sang and wait for the game to start because that is my right as an American citizen… the right to choose. I don’t have a personal need (or a right in my opinion) to ask everyone else at the game to stop singing because certain words in the song may offend me and then try to justify this because my tax dollars pay for the public transportation that brought all these people to the game. So why does the ACLU (Anti-Christian Lawyers union) feel the need to silence young people and teach them that being an individual or being tolerant of a diverse society is wrong? Why do we all need to walk in lock step with each other and engage in a group think mentality which is designed and forced down our throats by a very small minority?

I fear this may be the first step in what seems to be an attempt to scrub clean any Christian values from our society. Maybe we should change the names of Christmas and Hanukkah to “Yuletide” and then move the day to, say, December 21st so that no one will feel threatened. After all traces of these holidays are eliminated will they go after “Holidays” in general? The word Holiday comes from the two root words “Holy Day” which I can see as a problem down the road. Where will this all stop?

Will they ban the singing of “Winnie the Pooh” in public because one of the character’s first name, Christopher Robin, has the word “Christ” in it?

The ACLU has maintained that they merely uphold the best interests of the American people first and they always claim to hold the moral high ground.

Article 24 of the [Nazi] party platform demanded, "liberty for all religious denominations in the state, so far as they are not a danger... to the moral feelings of the German race.” We all know from history that once the people of Germany were softened up and conditioned to follow orders from a small minority they lost their will to think for themselves and followed what they were told and they all felt justified in their actions (or inactions) because it was politically correct.

Our towns and public schools should stand up to these bullies and their threats of lawsuits and teach our kids to work together and maybe build a dreidal in the classroom on December 20th and explore its significance and importance in our society. Celebrate the beginning of the season, sing Christmas songs and watch the children’s faces light up as they all come together in harmony to decorate a tree. Discuss the different ways people celebrate this season throughout the world. We should continue to teach the values that have made us all the people we are today, celebrate and shine a spot light on our differences (learn from them instead of trying to hide them or make them ashamed of their religious beliefs), and stop this erosion of our personal freedoms and the very fabric that makes us all unique individuals. As parents we can all be better role models to our children by simply teaching them to be tolerant, teaching them to stand up for each other and be proud of who they are.

I just needed to say that once.


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