Tuesday, August 23, 2011

……. Experimenting with life.

I barely hung on to the coattails of summer this year as I struggled to keep pace with the kids’ unrelenting energy along with rising each day not too long after first light. This summer was new, adventurous and held prospects of being the best summer ever and it lived up to its expectations.
We busied ourselves with trips to the beach, kite flying, bananagrams, play dates, chutes and ladders, sand castles, puzzles, trips to the lake, museums, books, biking, birthday parties and visiting friends and family ……… Each adventure came with its unique challenges. Whoever said “Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience” may have rephrased it (after meeting our clan) to: “The more calories they burn the longer they will sleep”.

I went most of the summer without a camera since ours broke in the spring so I don’t have many photos to share.
Rebecca is very excited and is looking forward to starting Kindergarten this fall and also rejoining Tumblebees , her gymnastics group. James is anticipating making new friends and meeting his new teacher and Daniel is waiting for his new homeschooling supplies to arrive! (Well maybe not really). James just continues to grow and he inspires me with his determination to overcome obstacles in his life. It amazes me how naturally social some girls can be (vs boys). Rebecca feels so comfortable approaching a group of girls she doesn’t know and just joining the fun. Daniel is now a reading machine, since March he has read all 17 books in the "Hank Zipzer" series and 10 of the 11 books in the “39 Clues” series. He now turns to books whenever he gets bored. I am hoping that I can keep his interest going with a new series.
Here are a few pictures:

Daniel was in his element when we visited the Egyptian section of the "Yale Peabody Museum". Rebecca liked the masks used by the natives during ritual dances (and the gift shop!) and James looked past all the items in the room and was enthralled with the architecture. He felt the Peabody museum was once a church based on the shape of the windows, high ceilings and apparent choir loft and Acoustics.


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