Tuesday, October 13, 2009

September/ October

Rebecca wanted to sleep in the boy’s room and I tried to reason with her that there just wasn’t any place for her to sleep in there. She was so determined that I compromised and said she could play in there for awhile before bed. Well she took the lid to the toy box, put on a few blankets and her penguin climbed in and fell asleep..... What a cutie.

My poor wife Jeanine’s favorite place in the house these days is the bathtub. She takes refuge there after her travels and after her long days at work and long nights at school and occasionally studies and takes a nap there before remerging to play with the kids. This is the place we get to see each other and talk lately, catch-up and plan our week ahead, share a glass of wine.
This is also the only room the kids accept being locked out of for short periods of time, so it has become our cave and place of seclusion for as long as the kids allow. But it also brings with it a sense of guilt that I cannot seem to shake off. Maybe because as a teenager I would sneak off to the bathroom to have a cigarette… locking out the world and placing towels under the doors to keep the smoke inside fully realizing that I was going to have to reveal this secret habit in confession so I may as well make the best of it and have one more. Maybe it is the sound of the kids banging on the door Saying "Can we come in now? You have been in there too long!” Maybe I feel guilty because I really enjoy the time Jeanine and I have together without the kids. But whatever it is it reinforces the saying that nothing good comes without its price.

AHHH the well deserved vacation we will take when Jeanine finally graduates….18 months and counting!!

Rebecca and Daniel Bowling. My camera wasn’t working too well and didn’t get very many good shots and none of James…. Look at the form on Daniel!

Daniel and James turn 7...wow

What do you do when you have exhausted all the options for activities for the day and there is nothing else to do?

Make Pizza!!!