Saturday, May 02, 2009


Daniel and James continue to do well in Kindergarten, although, because of some recent events we are strongly considering homeschooling the kids in the fall. But I will leave that story for another time. We have had a hectic spring so far but we have managed to make time to pause and enjoy the weather. This has been mostly due to Daniels insistence which we are all thankful for..

I was just telling Jeanine this morning that I can hear Daniel coming off the bus way up the street because he is always singing. He has a different song every day and Daniel really likes to sing and belt them out. Yesterday I found this show on National Geographic about Volcanoes, which Daniel really likes right now, he just can’t seem to get enough of volcanoes. I checked it out and it looked okay. It was a cable-on-demand so I started it and sat with him for about 10 –15 minutes as they explained the different volcanoes around the world and how they were formed etc.. It looked okay so I let him watch while I worked with James and Rebecca on another project. There was a second one so we watched it this morning before school, same routine,sat with him for a few minutes and then I let him watch it. I was stunned when he got off the bus and was walking up the street singing “Viva Viagra”. I impulsively yelled at him to come in the house. I didn’t really know how to approach this because if I made a big deal out of it it would become imbedded into his memory forever. So as a different approach I started singing “Viva Las Vegas” to see if I could get him to switch over. In the mean time I turned on the National Geographic show to see if that is where he got it and sure enough they had 2 commercials during the show. So we are having dueling “Viva” songs all day and Daniel is finally humming the tune instead of singing it. I cant understand why they would put that commercial on a show that would attract kids as viewers. The reason we chose cable is because of the non-commercial viewing options. I think a letter to Comcast is in order.

"Rebecca and Aunt Annie"

"Alice, Anne and Judd at Nicoles' 15th Birthday Party"

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