Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bathroom

It has been a very hectic month so far. We have been trying to determine the best way to redo our bathroom which is in dire need of repair. I was hoping that the bathroom would last until the kids were a little older. But the wear and tear that we have all subjected this bath to was just too much and I have not been able to keep up with the maintenance…It seems one day the bathroom is just a little run down and the next day the wall paper is ripped, towel racks and fixtures loose or taken down, tiles on floor are loose, finish on vanity is all but disappeared. The only thing that looks halfway decent is the shower curtain. So we have embarked on a quest to replace everything. The task has taken up more time then I had thought and don’t know how anyone could research all the options, get prices etc. with 3 kids in tow (prior to the existence of the computer). I have relied on the internet for most of my research. But choosing floor and wall tiles requires a visit to Home Depot or Lowes (in my opinion). I must have spent 2 hours at Lowes trying to just figure out the correct tile, how much I would need and whether it fits our budget or not. If you haven’t redone a bathroom before you may not understand the time involved. Jeanine is a little frustrated with the amount of my time it is taking up and may be regretting my commitment to being involved in the details and the timing of the project. You got to love her, her philosophy is to just pick out the color scheme and leave the rest to the contractor.
Speaking of Jeanine she has been very relaxed lately. She starts a new job on June 1st!!! So she is taking advantage of being unemployed for a couple of weeks and is able to spend more time with us and herself.
Off to work to meet her new team.

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