Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What can I say?

After several warnings not to touch the apple juice on the counter James sees a small window of opportunity , seizes the moment and picks up the bottle of apple juice and it slips out of his hands and spills all over the floor. I quickly send him to his room and he immediately says to me “You’re a meanie !!”. After his timeout was done I went in to talk to him about why he was on time out and also explained to him that it is okay to be mad but it isnt nice to call people names and he shouldn’t have called me a “meanie”. As we were leaving his room he said to me (In typical James fashion) “I am sorry I called you a Meanie, I wanted to call you a Dork, but you don’t really look like a dork but you were really acting like a dork…Daddy what is a dork?“

Daniel, James and Rebecca trying to save a tree branch from freezing in the snow.

Rebecca Hamming it up.

Our winter indoor garden project.

Daniels Clay flowers

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Jules said...

Uncle Dan!! So wonderful that you found my blog- What a nice surprise... Just wanted to say hello and tell you that I love your pictures. Your family is beautiful! I hope all is well back East!