Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fluckiger summer visit (July 12th)

Nicole retrieving James' umbrella

We were invited to aunt Alices and uncle Troys’ summer house for a visit. We were fortunate to have good weather. Jeanine and Aunt Annie settled at the beach with Rebecca while Daniel James and I spent the majority of the time at the dock area anticipating and jockeying for position for the next trip out on the lake in the boat or jet ski. Uncle Troy was very patient and generous with his time. Daniel and James received private lessons on the Jet ski and we all enjoyed a trip around the lake. It was a nice visit and wish we had more time with everyone.

Christina Relaxing in the lake

Late in the afternoon I started receiving subtle early warning signals of a meltdown by a few of the little people who didn’t take a nap, so at the risk of being viewed as the reprehensible parent, that I am, I decided we should start packing up even though there was a great fireworks display scheduled for later on. We were up early, had a very full day and we had a couple hour trip ahead of us, next year we will all be a little older and might be able to stay longer.
It was a fun day for all of us!!

Aunt Annie demonstrating to Rebecca and Daniel the most effective way to use a fishing net.

James waiting for the next boat ride with Uncle Troy.

Nicole in the Hammock......"Hi Nicole, Smile!"

Rebecca playing on the beach.

James receiving "Jet Ski" training.

Mom and Rebecca taking a nap.

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