Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Winter Adventure

>Posting some old notes and catching up. This was from January 16, 2008
It has been a long winter and we finally had a relatively warm day and the kids have been begging to get out and take a hike out to our favorite picnic spot in the woods. It was good for all of us to get out that day. The trips to the indoor playground and the mall, over the past few months, were getting old and the warm sun was very inviting and a nice reminder that spring was not far away. As soon as it was agreed that we were going Daniel took over and started organizing the whole trip and packed his backpack with some fruit, pretzels and juice. It was going to be a great adventure and the trail was slippery due to the melting ice.
James asked if there were any bears in the woods and if we should bring some berries or honey and all we had were some grapes so we brought them along just in case we encountered any wild beasts. Daniel was talking about the possibility of landslides or avalanches so we were very cautious as we approached the higher elevations during our trek. As we reached our picnic spot against heavy winds we were all out of breath due to the decreased oxygen in the air at these upper levels.
It has been reported that the highest point in Bellingham is 293 feet above sea level so we were feeling the stress on our system.
We settled down in a nice sunny spot overlooking a few rocks and a birch tree and spread out our blanket and had a nice picnic. Rebecca just loved the whole adventure and excitement with the Daniel and James. She enjoys doing anything if it includes family.
As we sat in the snow our bums were getting pretty wet, even thru the blanket, and the comfort level was starting to go downhill. We finished our snack and it was unanimous that we should start heading home. At about the halfway point there was a lot of discomfort because we were quite wet from the waist down and the wind was picking up a little, Rebecca was very tired and everyone wanted to be carried (which was impossible, but Rebeccas smile managed a ride on my shoulders) but with a little singing and distraction we were able to make it back without any major meltdowns.

As with most adventures we only remember and recap the high points as we shared our story with momma when she got home.

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