Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Daniel has been talking about volcanoes so much lately that I decide that it might be fun to make one together. I gathered the materials ….. 2 liter bottle, some screen from home depot and some brown paper we had laying around. I looked up paper Mache online and after I set up the screen around the bottle we were ready to start laying on the paper. I boiled the water and flour with some salt and it smelled up the whole house but after it cooled it seemed to form a nice paste. Daniel and I started laying on the brown paper and brushing on the paste after we put Rebecca down for a nap. I think the brown paper was too thick because after it dried it lifted up and curled in many spots and I had to cut it back with scissors. The subsequent layers I used newspaper and it worked out much better.

Daniels interest increased even more as we got into the project and we started looking up more and more information on Volcanoes and added a Caldera to our project , which is a depression formed by previous eruptions. At one point I found myself taking over the entire project and lost sight of the reason for doing it. I was doing 95% of the work as Daniel was on the sidelines watching me , so after observing his disappointed face, at one point, I realized I was getting too involved and relinquished my control over the whole project and we finished it together. Daniel had a blast painting and I decided that we would have fun with it for a few weeks until the weather got warmer before we tried our first eruption.
Well I followed the directions to the tee:
¼ cup vinegar
Drop of red food coloring
3 drops of liquid detergent
1 tbsp of baking soda
and nothing happened, no eruption…. Tried it again… same thing. I looked inside the bottle and a lot was going on but I think the bottle volume was too big for it to erupt up and out the top. So the kids were standing around waiting so I decided to throw the measurements aside and I poured half the box of baking soda into the bottle along with some detergent and red food coloring….. Instead of a measure ¼ cup of vinegar I poured on half a bottle and off it went. It was a great success but I was surprised that it was all white. I put in a bunch of red food coloring but it never mixed in… the kids had fun and that is what is really important.

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The Popplewells said...

Pippitt Family,

Hello from the Popplewells! I cannot believe how big the kids are now, especially Rebecca. We were watching videos with Luke and he saw Rebecca and said "Who is that?" We told him of Rebecca and he just grinned!

We think and speak of you guys often, even more now that Luke is older and we are able to share more of Kaz with him.

We have not heard from anyone else that was in Astana with us. If you speak with any of them, please say 'hi' for us.

Take care,
Tim, Susan and Luke :)