Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Day in the Woods

Well April is finally here, it was a nice warm day and we got outdoors for one of our first nature walks.. It is great now that they are a little older. We use to only be able to go a ¼ mile thru the woods and then I would be carrying everyone home and I would be exhausted. But today we must have walked a mile and a half. There are paths that circle around the nearby woods for quite a distance.
........................................................................................ We visited our favorite culvert and Daniel and James collected some early moss that was growing near a small stream. We placed the moss samples in a plastic bag we had and Daniel wanted to bring some home and plant them near the house. Rebecca just loved all the textures and smells. It was fun watching her explore and touch everything. She was picking everything up and smelling it.
This was a habit that James use to have. But she was always careful not to get too dirty (unlike her brothers). James and Daniel found a toad (named Toadie) but we didn’t have anything to carry him in so we let him go on his way.
I don’t think toadie realized how lucky he was today. After about an hour and a half (maybe 2 hours) we found ourselves almost back home and Rebecca only asked to be carried the last few hundred feet or so.
We spent the rest of the day in the yard playing and relaxing on the hammock after our long hike. Rebecca took her afternoon nap in the hammock.

Daniel is wearing glasses now!! He has had them for about a week and lost them twice. Each time we spent hours outside/inside looking for them. But for the most part he has adapted well to them and seems to like wearing them. His teacher Mrs. Johnsons’ father use to make glasses when she was a little girl and she told Daniel how he use to bring her home glasses to wear to pretend and she always prayed that one day she would need to wear glasses for real but it hasn’t happened yet. She told Daniel how lucky he is. This went a long way in helping him get use to wearing them in school.

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