Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One really great thing about kids, that I enjoy, is watching their faces when they are being told a story. Many times Daniel or James will ask me to tell them a story and they choose the subject. A few weeks ago Daniel and James asked me to tell them the story of “The Dinosaurs”. So we sat down and I told them everything I could remember about them…..Daniel brought out one of his books and we looked at pictures of dinosaurs and they asked what happened to them….. and I explained that they are extinct and went on to explain that a huge meteor hit the earth and filled all the air with smoke and dust…… Daniel and James keep the story going continuously by asking many questions…. “What happened to the people”?... “What happened to he other animals”?.... I tried to explain the best I could that some animals survived and others did not, like mice, some birds and people… then inevitably I get “But why”?... Finally I reached the end of my explanations of why Dinosaurs didn’t survive and people did and Daniel says “”That’s okay Papa… I guess God didn’t think Dinosaurs were such a great idea”.
We were not even talking about religion but kids have this unique way of pulling ideas together on their own….. Parenting full time has been the most difficult job I have had but it has also been the most rewarding…. Watching them grow, their little minds developing, thinking on their own.

Rebecca is watching and learning at an incredible rate. She mimics almost everything her brothers do (which is mostly not a good thing). She is also much more advanced then Daniel and James were at her age and I think it is because kids learn much more quickly from each other than they do their parents.
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