Sunday, September 30, 2007

School Starts

Daniel and James are both back in preschool this year and are off to a good start. Rebecca continues to move forward in leaps and bounds. She engages everyone she sees and seeks their attention but clings onto me or Jeanine if we attempt to hand her off to anyone right now, so she is going thru a new phase. She is extremely secure in her sleeping habits and asks to take a nap when she is tired and seeks out her brothers when she wants to play with them.

We had a nice trip into Boston this month to visit the New England Aquarium. Rebecca really liked the train ride and her time with Mama, she went all day without a nap and did fine. James had one mission and that was to see the shark and stingray which made his day and Daniel just enjoyed the jelly fish and walking around checking out the coral reefs and sea plants (why didn’t that surprise me).

I included a few pictures of Daniel and James in the back yard….. As I was writing this Rebecca was taking a nap and Daniel and James were playing outside. Daniel kept coming in and shouting “Papa there are chipmunks in the back yard and they are making holes in the yard and they shouldn’t do that! Can you come and look, I think you will be mad at them.” I told him I was working on something and I would be out in a minute. A few minutes later he comes running in again and says “I think they are digging holes in the lawn because they are thirsty and looking for water can I give them some water?”. I said sure and gave Daniel a cup of water and looked out and James was busy building a tent. Daniel came in several more times for water and was careful not to spill any on the floor as he left. After I finished I went out to find Daniel had dug 7 big holes in the yard looking for the chipmunks so that he could see if they were getting enough water, it was really cute, well except for the repair work I need to do on the lawn.