Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer recap

Labor day is almost here I just received an email from Brook and Michelle who we met in Astana where they were adopting their little guy Spencer. Spencer and Rebecca were roommates and we had our court dates on the same day (this day last year to be exact). Brook and Michelle sent along photos of Spencer who seems to be growing by leaps and bounds and have had a great summer. It was really good to hear from them. They informed us that they met up with Easton’s parents Scott and Shari and that Easton is doing well.
The email inspired me to update the blog:
I cant believe how fast the time went by. Elana and Jenya left for Kazakhstan last weekend and it was very sad to say goodbye. We had a wonderful time with them in between their travels to the cape and Colorado, North Carolina….. Connecticut! They really saw the country when they were here. Elena will be back in the states next week escorting a little girl to Los Angeles. So she is very busy.
We had a couple of trips to Davis farm which has a water park, Rebecca continued to show she had no fear of the water and stayed wet the entire time we were there.

On the July 29thwe drove up to Maine (Point Sebago lake) for the MAPS picnic and stayed overnight. We had a great time and met many new people, saw some familiar faces from the past. James referred to the entire event as our trip to Libby’s house and cant wait until we are invited back. They had swimming, we ate lunch in a big tent, went for a boat ride and had ice cream under a huge blue and white umbrella.


Trip to Science museum (Butterfly garden):

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