Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rebecca's Baptism

Finally getting a chance to update my blog again. Long story but my computer got fried, so I don’t have access to my email addresses or photos until I get the hard disk recovered. So I have a new laptop !! Our spring and summer (so far) has been very busy. Rebecca continues to be a great joy to our family. Daniel and James have finally come to accept her as a family member and not a visitor who will be returning to Kazakhstan someday.
Elena and her son, Jenya, from Karaganda have come to stay with us for the summer. We became good friends during the course of our 3 adoptions. We have busied ourselves with some trips to the zoo, local parks and attended the Children’s festival in Boston earlier this week. There has not been much down time.
Rebecca was Baptized (finally) on June 30th, which was a nice gathering. I will add some recent photos and try to update the blog more often.

Rebeccas' Baptism

Sliding out of the "Bouncy bounce"

Jenya and Elena at the Zoo.

Rebecca cooling off on a hot day.

James with a present from his teacher.

Daniel "building" a tree in the street.

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