Thursday, July 12, 2007

Elena and Jenya's Party

Here are some pictures from a gathering we had for Elena and Jenya. We put the word out that they were in the US for the summer and many families came to visit for the day. It was nice to see that most of her friends, in the area, were able to attend. Although, I spent more time then I would have liked tending the grill, I met some great people who shared their adoption stories, brought photo albums which sparked the recollection of many interesting and funny stories from their travels. Elena seemed to enjoy seeing all the little ones and how they have grown over the years and catching up. People came from Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire as well as Massachusetts.
Most of the children were from Nezabudka (in Karaganda) which is the same baby home that Daniel and James where from and they had the opportunity to see Arthur again (they roomed together at the baby home).

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