Sunday, July 15, 2007

Breezy Park

A stormy day turned into a good day at the beach…… we were scheduled to have Victoria and Stephen overnight and then spend the day at Breezy park while Elena stayed and entertained the kids, but the weather forecast looked ominous so plans were held off. As Thursday arrived we decided to give it a go, defy the forecast and embark on a new adventure.
We arrived early and were able to get a picnic table next to the beach. Daniel (who doesn’t like swimming pools very much) was the first one in the water and stayed in all day. James ventured out to about “knee deep” but preferred to play in the sand. Rebecca has no fear at all. She kept walking out to deep water, didn’t mind getting her face wet when she tried to reach rocks under the water which were too far beneath the surface for her to reach. Elena and Jenya purchased tickets for the waterslide, Although Jenyas first try was his last. The slide was a bit too fast for him and he couldn’t manage to slow down. I explained how to adjust the speed and he may try it again (as well as Elena) the next time we go. James loved heading over to the water slides (without asking) so we had to keep running after him. One time Elena said she would chase him down and finally caught up to him at the entrance to the slides (where the line begins). Elena said she told James we needed to go back to our table and James started yelling “Help!!..... Help!!” and Elena said all the Staff were looking at her and wandering what was going on as she persuaded him to go with her. She came back to the table laughing and wondering if the police were going to arrive soon.
The day was fun for everyone. We had a blast digging tunnels, building castles and streams. Well, I guess speaking for myself, I know that I did. Jenya had chicken tenders with sweet and sour sauce for the first time and it became his latest new favorite.
Rebecca went the whole day without a nap and after some soft serve ice cream we headed home. Daniel, James and Rebecca were asleep within minutes of leaving the park.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Elena and Jenya's Party

Here are some pictures from a gathering we had for Elena and Jenya. We put the word out that they were in the US for the summer and many families came to visit for the day. It was nice to see that most of her friends, in the area, were able to attend. Although, I spent more time then I would have liked tending the grill, I met some great people who shared their adoption stories, brought photo albums which sparked the recollection of many interesting and funny stories from their travels. Elena seemed to enjoy seeing all the little ones and how they have grown over the years and catching up. People came from Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire as well as Massachusetts.
Most of the children were from Nezabudka (in Karaganda) which is the same baby home that Daniel and James where from and they had the opportunity to see Arthur again (they roomed together at the baby home).

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rebecca's Baptism

Finally getting a chance to update my blog again. Long story but my computer got fried, so I don’t have access to my email addresses or photos until I get the hard disk recovered. So I have a new laptop !! Our spring and summer (so far) has been very busy. Rebecca continues to be a great joy to our family. Daniel and James have finally come to accept her as a family member and not a visitor who will be returning to Kazakhstan someday.
Elena and her son, Jenya, from Karaganda have come to stay with us for the summer. We became good friends during the course of our 3 adoptions. We have busied ourselves with some trips to the zoo, local parks and attended the Children’s festival in Boston earlier this week. There has not been much down time.
Rebecca was Baptized (finally) on June 30th, which was a nice gathering. I will add some recent photos and try to update the blog more often.

Rebeccas' Baptism

Sliding out of the "Bouncy bounce"

Jenya and Elena at the Zoo.

Rebecca cooling off on a hot day.

James with a present from his teacher.

Daniel "building" a tree in the street.