Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Getting Ready for Easter

Hi everyone, we haven’t posted in awhile and wanted to catch up. We had a long winter. I don’t think we went a week without someone having the flu or a cold, but we utilized it as well as we could with trips to the museum and visiting relatives. Rebecca has been getting a lot of attention from her brothers and family. She went thru a very difficult attachment phase and now is beginning to feel more comfortable around strangers again and is very social. Its no surprise, after being exposed to her brothers all day, that she uses her voice non stop.

She isn’t fully walking but takes a few steps and then falls. Rebecca doesn’t like to cruise around holding onto the furniture but would rather crawl. I am not a big advocate of walking because it just means they get into trouble that much more quickly, so I am not pushing the whole walking thing, I can wait.

Daniel and James are excited that it is getting warmer outside and have been talking about summer activities like picnics and going to the beach, they ask almost every morning if we can go to Rockport. A couple of days ago I was busy playing with Rebecca and Daniel asked me if he could pack his bag for the beach (just in case it gets warm out) and I said sure.
About a half hour later I saw two bags sitting next to the front door. I noticed one of the bags had Rebecca’s clothes in them and I asked Daniel why he had packed Rebecca’s things and Daniel said “Papa, Rebecca wont like all the sand and wants to go back home now, I think she misses Kazakhstan….we can drop her off on the way to the beach”. I guess this was his subtle way of telling me he needs more attention. It is so hard to give them all the attention they want and I think Daniel and James are still struggling, after all these months, with the adjustment of having to share with their new sister.
I wish I had more energy and there were more hours in the day……. I am enjoying every minute with them.


The 5 McGills said...

Hi guys,
So glad you posted new pictures. I love to see how everyone is doing. Rebecca is getting so big and everyone looks so happy. Too funny about Daniel packing Rebecca's things. I guess he's taking over where James left off with wanting to send her back. I see a bit of the same here from Tim with Hope, although not quite as overtly. Have a great Easter,
The McGills

Anonymous said...

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