Saturday, February 03, 2007

Where is winter?

It has been awhile and I wanted to update the blog sooner but we have all been busy with life stuff. It has been really crazy with 3 kids in the house and everyone having a different schedule. All the kids have just exploded with energy, I don’t know if it is their diet or what. My quiet time for the past couple of months has been Sunday mornings while Jeanine takes the kids to church. I really should be going too but there is always some reason I need to stay behind. Anyway, nothing drastically new.

Rebecca has been growing in leaps and bounds, moving forward on all her fine and gross motor skills. If we are playing in the living room and Rebecca feels she isn’t getting enough attention she just stands up in the middle of the room, puts on a cute smile and starts clapping her hands. She is still cruising, no walking on her own yet. It is so funny how kids act sometimes. She is transitioning from 2 naps a day to one and has been a great sleeper but doesn’t seem to be as tired for her morning nap.

James’ gross motor skills continue to improve and strengthen. He still looses his balance more often than others but it is less frequent than it use to be. He is afraid of shadows in his room and I worked to try to eliminate the ones that are bothering him, to no avail, he is still sleeping in the living room. I frequently transport him to his bed after he falls asleep, but he awakes at night frightened and runs back to the living room. Not sure what to do, but we are working on it. School has been very good for him as he develops more social skills. His latest thing is making paper airplanes.

Daniel is going through a huge social change and is talking about his friends at school. His imagination is in full gear and asking a 100 questions a day!! “Hey Papa, if I was made out of stone, I would probably have to walk like this”, “If bats live in caves does that mean they are not afraid of the dark?”, “Do they have bathrooms in caves?” “Do pinecones feel sad after they fall off the tree?”. So needless to say there is plenty of discussion going on around the house.

It has been a very unusual winter, not that I am complaining. It is February and the snow shovel is still in the shed out back. I seems every year around November/December we have our first main storm and I have to walk through the snow, getting snow in my shoes, to retrieve the snow shovel, mumbling words reminiscent of my high school days and kicking myself for not getting it out sooner and then telling myself that next year I will put the shovel on the porch before the first snow, but for some reason it never happens. The rock salt for the drive way and steps are in place and the deicer is in the windshield washing fluid, scrapper in the car. Its not that I forget the shovel, because I do remind myself every time I put away something in the shed as I ready for the onset of winter. I openly realize this may be a small glimpse into one of my character flaws or at the very least a mental block. But the good thing about some character flaws is if they go on long enough they can sometimes take on a more nostalgic feel to them. So as the boys get older and they say “Hey we are getting a big storm tonight, shouldn’t we get the shovel out of the shed?” I can proudly say “It’s been a long standing tradition in the Pippitt family to wait until after the first snow fall to retrieve the shovel from the shed, it builds character!” I can throw another log on the fire and feel good about the family traditions we have built. The high school language may still be present as I retrieve the shovel the next morning but at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing it is all being done for the sake of tradition!

Blogger isnt cooperating with photos today....I will try to add them later.

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