Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year !!

Happy Holidays !! We had a very nice Christmas and were very busy with travels and visiting this year. Rebecca continues to grow, thrive and is just always happy. She is cruising now (started last weekend) and has started identifying objects by pronouncing the first letter. Daniel and James’ first words were mama so I was bound and determined for Rebecca to say Papa first. I have been working with her ever since she got home, so what happens………..Jeanine comes home from work, Rebecca looks over with a big smile and says “Mama” and rushes over to see her… okay so you can only control so much…… have a mind of their own, I am not taking it personally, but I am sure that when she starts to write she will have a little more compassion for me and write Papa first…. Not that it is a big deal or anything.
Our tree is really dry but we have our Orthodox Christmas this weekend and will be celebrating together with Jeanine’s family, so we should have some more Christmas pictures. Among others we heard from Rebecca’s friend Spencer via his mom and Dad (Brook and Michelle) who we met this summer from Michigan. Also, out of the blue we got a call from Laurel and Kathleen Warkentin from Alberta, Canada who we met 3 years ago in Karaganda. They are all doing well and Tyanne (age 4 from Nezabudka)has really grown, we received some nice pictures from them last week.

Daniel was cute this morning, he missed his bath last night (long story) and when he got up this morning the first thing he says is “Papa that wasn’t nice that you made me miss my bath last night. I need to take 2 baths today.” Daniel is going thru a difficult phase (for me) has been a real handful lately and knows just what buttons to push and just how far he can push things before getting time-out. I am hoping this doesn’t last too long.

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