Friday, December 01, 2006

Tree Hunt

Rebecca and the boys have kept us very busy the past couple of weeks, we had a nice Holiday and keeping with tradition we went out tree hunting, with Jeanine’s family, which is legal in Massachusetts starting the day after Thanksgiving. Although there was no snow on the ground this year it was a little brisk and we bundled up and had warm cider. Rebecca was in good spirits, as usual, and really loved the activity around her. We backed out at the last minute and picked out a precut tree this year but Jeanine’s dad opted for the natural and I must say more brutal approach to hunting and chasing one down in the wilderness. The terrain was vast, rugged and spotted with swamps. Without the white snow acting as a backdrop, this year, it made it a bit of a challenge to spot the green trees. Peter wasn’t dissuaded by the daunting challenge and armed himself with a new blade and headed out with family in tow. Lesser species, who normally dominated their small area of the woods, scattered as we approached them.
We finally came to rest atop a ridge overlooking a glen rich in fir and spruce (there wasn’t a broad leaf tree in sight). They stood tall, defiant and not one wavered as we approached them. As we reached an area dense in fir, the family darted and dashed as they wrestled with the decision of which to take home and finally a concession was made and the right tree was felled, on the spot.
As the final swipe of the blade took place the Douglas fir seemed to make one final attempt to claim dominance as it fell and switched directions at the last second and landed on Stephen. Looking back I think the tree bonded a little with Stephen at that very moment and was extremely happy to become a new member of the Gaudet family. The tree was carefully taken back for processing, shaking off old needles and leaves, and then wrapped securely for travel.
We spent the rest of the day preparing for and putting up the tree. I put the tree in the stand and put on the lights. Victoria took on and assembled the train which runs around the base of the tree. Next we needed someone who could handle being around a tremendous (and for some an overwhelming) amount of sugar and candy and at the same time stay focused on managing and building a Gingerbread house.
To our surprise Stephen volunteered, stepped up to the challenge and said he would give it a go. A large percentage of the candy ended up on the gingerbread house, well better than 50% of it anyway, which exceeded expectations. Later that evening James and Daniel systematically disassembled the house, stashing all the evidence in their tummies, in a very short time while they were left alone on their honor not to touch anything, while I went down stairs.
I guess sometimes the consequences just don’t outweigh the gratification of living in the moment. The day was a success and the tree was finally in place trimmed with care and the proper attention to detail. (I don’t think I have a picture of the tree, though)

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Dawn and Joe De Lorenzo said...

I love the picture on the lower left peeking through the tree cutout! Too cute! Happy holidays -I am sure this one will be one to remember!