Monday, December 04, 2006


The school had a fund raiser/silent auction last Friday so we headed over to look around. We saw a few people from pre-school and the summer program and as we were getting ready to leave Santa showed up, Daniel and James ran over to see him. I explained that they had to tell him what they wanted for Christmas, which I knew they had memorized and have been repeating for days (But I never thought they would want to go see him). Daniel didn’t want to go first so James went up and hopped right up on his lap and was talking very softly and asked Santa for a Chocolate Star and a Boat, which he had to repeat several times for Santa to hear.
Next Rebecca sat on his lap, Because Daniel didn’t want to go and opted out, which I expected. So we all headed down the steps from the stage where Santa was sitting and Daniel let go of my hand and ran back to Santa. He didn’t want to sit in his lap and stood about 5 feet away talking to him, Santa asked him to come over a little closer because he couldn’t hear and after a few minutes Daniel walked over and told him he would like some “Play doh” and Crayons. He was so happy afterwards and Santa gave each of them a candy cane. It was a nice unexpected evening.

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