Monday, December 11, 2006

... Peas porridge in the ear, 4 years old.

The kids have been doing well. Rebecca is eating more diverse foods so we are processing less meals and allowing her to eat more with her hands. She tackled her first sandwich yesterday and loved it (grilled cheese) and had mac n cheese a few days ago. Actually it was Daniels first sandwich too. Since James has had a wheat allergy we have had very little bread in the house. Daniel liked the bread but rejected the cheese. James is becoming more and more a picky eater while Daniel is stepping up to fill the void and eating more healthy foods and finishing his dinner. Daniel found a new snack that he likes, peas in a pod. He carries around a bag of peas takes them out of the pod and eats them (well until last night, anyway). I can’t believe he likes them as a snack, candy corn is fading fast. Yesterday as I was reading a book to them Daniel asked to switch places with James because he couldn’t hear out of his left ear. I said what do you mean you cant hear. Daniel said he has a pea in his ear and can’t get it out, but that he wants to keep it in there because it "sounds better when he sings". So I took a look and sure enough there was a pea in there. I couldn’t just pop it out with my fingers, but it wasn’t far enough in that I couldn’t get it with some needle nose pliers. So I got a pair from the basement and with Jeanine holding Daniels head I was able to grab it. It wasn’t that big a deal but I told Daniel to keep the peas out of his ears and just eat them and we went back to our book. Later that night after everyone was in bed I heard Daniel in the bathroom opening drawers I ran in to find him holding a Q-tip, I grabbed it and asked him what he was doing (he knows not to open the drawers) and he told me he had another pea stuck in his ear and it hurts (I think he pushed it in with the Q-tip). So I took a look and it was lodged way down inside and I didnt think Home Depot had a solution/tool for this one. After looking at it and discussing it for awhile we decided we needed to take him to the ER because it was late and our doctors’ office was closed. Jeanine volunteered and off they went. The doctor was able to get it out and told Daniel that the only thing he can put in his ear is his elbow, which kept him busy trying until he fell asleep.
So much for having peas as a snack for awhile.

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