Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Letterboxing !

Rebecca finally had her check-up and she did fine. She received about 4 shots including the flu shot. We have had a very busy month with lots of Birthday parties. I think we averaged more than one per week (including Daniel and James’). Rebecca continues to grow by leaps and bounds and is so happy all the time. James and Daniel are enjoying her more as she becomes more mobile and interactive.
November has been on the mild side, I don’t think we have had a single snow flake so I thought we would take another stab at “letter boxing” before everything freezes up. The boys are a little young for this and haven’t created their own stamp yet or anything but I thought it would be fun to try and locate a local letterbox, I am curious myself. It was a little cool today (low 40’s) but it felt like it was freezing out,
I guess because we are not use to it yet, so we bundled up in our winter things. I downloaded the clues to a Bellingham location and we headed out to the town common where we were met by a Christmas tree in the town Gazebo, which turned out to be our starting point. The clues took us all around the common and we took a few breaks as we passed the slides, rock wall and swings. Daniel and James enjoyed the whole idea of going on a treasure hunt,
although I am not quite sure they fully understood what is was all about and are still a little young for this. Daniel and James must have said a dozen times “Papa this is fun, I like Treasure hunts”, “Papa What’s a treasure hunt? Where are we going? ”I figured if I saw a few letterboxes we could get a better idea of what we need to do and what other people have done, whats buried etc.
The boys may be old enough by next spring (when things thaw out) to enjoy searching for hidden treasures and maybe create their own stamp over the winter.
Well the clues took us a distance away from the main common and down a desolate path. The path got so rocky at one point we had to ditch the stroller and I carried Rebecca the rest of the way. When we got to our last clue we searched and searched and were very disappointed that we didn’t find anything.
Maybe someone took it or we took a wrong turn but we believe we dug in the leaves near the tree where the clues lead us. Oh well we had fun and learned a little more about letterboxing in the process. I will leave a link in case anyone is interested and we will pick it up again in the spring.


Jeanine came home and needed to go to the mall for some new contacts so we tagged along. Thought I would add a photo of Jeanine on the carousel since she didn’t make the last trip with us, Daniel was a little camera shy. Rebecca and I were ordering Dinner.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

(Guess The blog wouldnt take anymore photos today)

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