Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gorilla to the rescue

Well the sugar levels have been going down in the household. All candy has been placed on upper shelves. We all get 5 candy corns for finishing all of our dinner. As a result Daniel and James have been much more manageable, less time outs, less fighting, sleeping longer at night. Their attention span has increased by an order of magnitude when it comes to reading or doing games/puzzles together. They just seem so much calmer over the past couple of days. I also stumbled across this Gluten free cereal which Daniel and James (also Rebecca) just love to eat (now that candy has been phased out as an option). I think it is more the story that comes along with it than the cereal itself. It has a picture of a Baby Gorilla on the front and the Gorilla (named Kureba) who lives in Rwanda near a Volcano!! Now Daniel is going thru a huge Volcano phase so this has overshadowed his candy corn addiction and he thinks the cereal actually comes from inside the volcano (His idea not mine, although I am guilty of enabling this type of thinking by not disagreeing with him). James likes them too but isn’t as excited as Daniel and doesn’t buy into the whole Six degrees of separation theory and still prefers the sugar items so I have introduced more fruit options in his diet and he seems to be taking hold of that a little more each day. I do realize that I am probably just fooling myself into believing that they are capable of change (detoxifying from sugar) this quickly and that they have happily adjusted to my above changes. This has become painfully apparent at times as well as embarrassing when they ask strangers, or anyone who comes to visit, for specific food items which contain sugar or inquire as to what they presently have in their mouths. I guess we will take it day by day.

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Carolyn & Igor said...

Hi Dan -

Halloween candy threw us all down here too. Justin developed a love of chocolate that I've not seen before and keeps his Dad on his toes by asking about where his Halloween candy went. We've had to stop the sugar as well and have also been seeing some not-so-great behavior changes. Though I am also wondering how much of it is the age.... Hang in there!