Thursday, November 09, 2006

Children's Museum

Autumn is in full swing and November is the cloudiest month of the year here in New England. It was a rainy day so I talked Jeanine into taking the day off and going to the Children’s Museum in Providence. The morning was a little hectic trying to get everyone fed and dressed. As usual James and Rebecca ate a big breakfast and Daniel only wanted Candy Corn (which wasn’t on the menu) and refused to eat anything else,
so yet again we are entering a new hunger strike and rejecting anything that has even a hint of nutritional value and doesn’t contain at least 50% sugar.
We finally got it together and headed out about 10:00 am, the only glitch was that we had some trouble getting into the museum. We have a family pass for the year but our name didn’t appear in their data base for some reason.
I guess we looked honest (or the girl felt sorry for us) and let us go in with the promise that someone would call us to correct the problem. Rebecca missed her morning nap but held up well for a few hours. James headed right for the Pilgrims sail boat and Daniel, Rebecca and I checked out some skeletons. Daniel had the opportunity to practice writing his letters. It is tough to get him to practice at home but he was willing to practice freely at the museum for some reason.
The water area was a big hit this time;
the boys could have spent the whole day there. But Rebecca couldn’t fall asleep in her umbrella stroller and was getting cranky so we headed out a little earlier than we intended.
Daniel held out all day without anything to eat with the exception of 1 banana. He finally ate some dinner which was motivated by dessert for those who finished. We had Spiral pasta and sauce, Daniel managed to eat around all the pasta. So it looks like I/we need to rethink our approach on meal time and providing (or not providing) options/rewards.

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The 5 McGills said...

Looks like fun! We have a similar museum in Philly - Tim loves it.