Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Candy Corn

We didn’t do dress up for Halloween. We were supposed to attend a party, for the kids, at our church that afternoon but we were all sick, James was running a fever so we stayed in. I ran out and got some candy for the kids that would stop by. The door bell only rang about 4 times so we ended up with a lot of left over candy, Nestle crunch bars (my favorite) and Peanut butter cups (Jeanines). After 2 days I noticed the candy dish was almost empty and a jar of candy corn which we had just opened this past weekend was almost gone. Jeanine and I don’t really eat them so I suspected that maybe the boys had gotten into them. But the dish was kept up on the counter out of reach and in plain view and I would have known if they were eating candy during the day because Daniel and James tend to drop stuff all over the floor unless they are sitting at the table. So I let it go and a couple of nights later Daniel came out of his room and asked if he could go to the bathroom and I said okay and walked down with him to turn on the light. About 10 minutes later he asked for something to drink and I said no and that he needed to go back in his room and go to sleep. Jeanine and I were talking when I noticed the door to our room closing (very slowly) and I said “Daniel what are you doing?”. Daniel said “Oh, I thought you would want your door closed because it is windy in the hallway.” Jeanine and I started to laugh and told him we were fine and to go back to bed. We were very tolerant of this because normally Daniel stays in his room and falls asleep. A few minutes later we saw him moving very slowly past our door, with his hands covering his face (so we wouldn’t see him). We told him we could see him and he went back into his room. This was so funny to me that I had to get a picture, so I grabbed my camera, which was on a high shelf next to some Nestle crunch bars which I placed there for safe keeping and returned incase he tried again. Sure enough he tried getting past us using a book to conceal himself this time. I also knew something was up because this wasn’t like him to want to sneak down a dark hallway at night. So the next day while I was straightening up their room I was putting all his stuffed animals in the corner of their room when Daniel said “Brown bear wants to stay there”. I noticed “Brown Bear” was wedged tightly between the wall and his bed and I said I didn’t think he would want to be there and mentioned that he looked uncomfortable so we should move him. So Daniel said okay and added that “Brown Bear likes to be on his head”. So I pulled him out and just then I remembered that “Brown Bear” was also a hand puppet so I turned him right side up and out poured “candy corn”. I said “Daniel, why is this filled with candy?” “You know you are not allowed to have food in the bedroom and you shouldn’t take things without asking………………” Daniel quickly interrupts me and says: “Papa, do you remember when James threw the pillow off the porch and it landed in the mud?” I am not sure at this point if I have a firm grasp on parenting and am questioning if I am taking my job serious enough because at that moment I just wanted to start laughing. I couldn’t believe he was trying to change the subject and deflect the focus onto his brother somehow and all this with a straight face.
This explains why he didn’t mind his timeouts in his room over the past week and was so tired during the day.

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Carolyn & Igor said...

Dan - the candy story is a riot. I can't believe Daniel is already practicing the arts of deception in the quest for chocolate and sugar (though actually I can believe it, and I have to admit that I really admire his imagination and efforts!). Good luck!