Monday, October 02, 2006

Rebecca is Home !!!

The flight from Amsterdam to Boston went fairly smoothly. The young guy who was seated next to us wanted to change seats but the plane was full, so they couldn’t reseat him. He got so incensed that he demanded to speak to captain, but a purser of some sort came to talk to him. He felt he shouldn’t have to sit next to a baby or should receive a discount because he may not be able to sleep. He asked me if I thought the baby would be quiet most of the trip and I said I didn’t know and stated that so far he was making more noise than Rebecca was and we didn’t choose to be stuck sitting next to him either. I actually thought he was going to be removed from the plane, at one point, he was that mad, he refused at first to sit down and the plane couldn’t taxi until he was belted in. If you had ever read the short story “The secret life of Walter Mitty”, for a brief second I felt like Walter Mitty and if I had acted upon how I was feeling, I think I would have been the one escorted off the plane, but this was about Rebecca and her trip home and I wasn’t going to let some ass ruin it for her. There were no alternatives, Rebecca decided to prove a point to this guy and slept 5 of the seven hour flight (was awake long enough to eat) and was good as gold, I think he will be blessed with many children of his own someday.
The way the paperwork was set up by the US Embassy in Kazakhstan was that the minute the wheels of the plane touched the ground Rebecca became a US citizen. So she now holds a duel citizen ship until she is 18 years old and then she needs to choose a country.
We got off the plane and since I had an infant they zipped me right past all the lines at customs, private elevator to passport control since it was Rebecca’s first time in the US.

When we walked thru the door, the boys were asleep and Jeanine came running to see us and I have barely seen Rebecca since. Jeanine had the whole house redone, cleaned, shopping. Everything was reorganized and I have to admit that it is much better than I had organized it for Rebecca. She gave Rebecca her first bath at home, Jeanine handed me a beer and some heated pizza from the Rome Restaurant (which is our favorite) and I get a couple days off (no responsibilities) to adjust and relax, we got caught up on our trip a little and I was out cold within 2 hours…… Cannot wait to see Daniel and James tonight.
I will post pictures later.


The 5 McGills said...

Glad to hear you had a relatively uneventful flight home. I agree, your seatmate will be blessed with many noisy children. Hope you're all enjoying your time together and that Rebecca is adjusting well.


Anonymous said...

What an unpleasant person you had the misfortune of sitting next to! You both handeled it way better than I would have. Congratulations and welcome home!


AnnieM said...

Hi Pippitt family,

I just came upon your family blog and thought I would contact you. My hubby and I are also from Eastern MA - Acushnet and we're in the process of adopting from Kazakhstan. Just wondering if we're neighbors? Would love to hear back from you -

Ann Martins