Sunday, October 15, 2006

Party Time

We have been working on a schedule for the past couple of weeks, in between having people over to visit Rebecca. Rebecca has been settling in very well, and has adjusted to our family. Daniel sings to Rebecca when she goes down in her crib for bed time and still wakes up each morning and goes directly to Rebecca or wants to join me when I go in to get her up. James is tolerant of her and tries to be polite like one would of unwanted company. A few days ago I took Rebecca to the store with me and Jeanine told me James said “bye bye Rebecca, its time for Rebecca to go on a long trip back to Kazakhstan”.
Deep down inside we know he loves her, though.
Daniel and James have been asking about their Birthday party and are very aware this year. Their 4th birthday (October 5th) was 3 days after I got back with Rebecca and we struggled to pull off a party for them as soon as we could in the midst of getting Rebecca settled, so we finally got invitations in the mail on the 6th and planned the party for the following weekend. We were very happy that most people were able to make it on such short notice. There has been so much focus on Rebecca the past couple of weeks that it was nice to see the boys get some attention from adults, they seemed to enjoy it.
The day of the party went smoothly except for the cakes. 10 minutes before the party started we were trying to find some plastic cups on the top shelf of the cabinet and a very large glass fell out of the cabinet and onto the counter (in-between the cakes) and shattered covering the cakes in glass. Luckily we had just moved the other food into the dinning room so it wasn’t a total loss. Jeanine stayed behind to vacuum up the glass and I headed out to get a cake. I figured we would still use the cakes for blowing out the candles and just purchase one for consumption. As I finally reached the cake counter the woman was pleasant and asked for my name and I said “Dan” and then asked if I ordered my cake ahead and I said no I didn’t. She then asked when the occasion was and I told her it started 10 minutes ago and she seemed annoyed and took my order. I said I just needed a plain white cake and pointed to the size I wanted and she asked the occasion and I told her it was my boys 4th birthday. She strongly suggested I write happy birthday on the cake and she said it could be done right away. To avoid the risk of being perceived insensitive or cheap I agreed and asked her to write “Happy Birthday Daniel and James”. So she takes the cake in the back and I hear her say “Betty, There is this guy up front who needs his cake done right away, the party has already started”. I never saw Betty who did the writing but could hear their conversation in the back room, I could tell she didn’t like the fact that I was buying a plain white cake for my kids birthday party when they had so many elaborate cakes on display with different themes. It only took a minute and as she emerged from the back room with the cake I heard Betty say “Tell Mr. Budget to call ahead next time”. She added a nice trim and some red roses for free, so I grabbed some plastic cups and I headed home.

The party was in full swing when I got home. Daniel and James had a blast, they loved the attention and having kids over. Rebecca was handed around and got to meet everyone and she loved the attention too. We brought the glass laden cakes out for the main event of song and the blowing out of the candles (The glass adds a little sparkle effect from a photography stand point ).

They are really at a great age. It was nice seeing everyone, some of whom we haven’t seen in months.

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