Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Mystery of the Missing Pumpkin

Around 7:30 am Daniel came running into the kitchen to tell me that two of our pumpkins were missing (we had three sitting at the end of our driveway) and I looked outside and sure enough the larger of the 2 pumpkins was missing and one of the smaller ones was gone also. Daniel immediately blamed the dog next door, who is a nice yellow lab named Tank, a good neighbor, and is friends to all of us. I said I didn’t think it was Tank who took them but after breakfast we would go out to look for them. James thought Rebecca had something to do with it. It is curious how Daniel and James suddenly need to blame someone for the events that occur. This is something I must have inadvertently taught them somehow. Our cul-de-sac is on a slight slope and the pumpkins could have easily been toppled by the wind and rolled down the street, but my first inclination was thinking someone was responsible also. It was a little brisk outside so we put on our jackets and Rebecca was bundled up and we headed out to see what we could find. I spotted the smaller pumpkin sitting haphazardly on the lawn next door (down hill) and we all walked down to retrieve it. It looked a little beat up and Daniel picked it up and carried it back and placed it where it had originally been. We walked around the yard a bit when I heard Daniel say “Look, Papa, pumpkins seeds” and there were seeds all over the driveway and orange lines running the entire length. We spotted some globs of what appeared to be remnants of a pumpkin on the ground leading into the woods so we walked down the trail a ways and didn’t find anything so we decided to head back. It was getting a little too windy for Rebecca so we decided to go back inside. This is where we got our first major break in the case, as we neared the house Daniel started running across the lawn and spotted what was left of our pumpkin just outside of our yard. It really looked brutalized and it appeared someone just tossed it into the woods in an effort to conceal a mistake and it was in several pieces. Just then Tank came running over in what appeared to be an effort, on his part, to advocate for himself and to try to clear himself of any involvement and it seemed to work to his benefit because Daniel concluded that Tank couldn’t have done it because the pumpkin was too big to fit in his mouth, although personally I thought Tank was taking advantage of Daniels good nature and love of animals to sway his opinion and I also felt the timing of his appearance seemed suspicious. I think James was still holding onto his “Rebecca” theory and wasn’t too happy we had to go back in because of her. So we said our goodbyes to Tank and headed inside. The pumpkin dilemma continued to be the topic of discussion for the rest of the morning when I received a call from Jeanine, who had a slight hint of desperation in her voice, and who immediately caved in and confessed to the entire incident when she said she needed to buy some replacement pumpkins because she ran over them this morning when she pulled back into the driveway to retrieve her umbrella which she had left in the house. She said she really wasn’t trying to cover up anything but that she threw the evidence into the woods because she didn’t want Daniel and James to be upset and was hoping she could replace the pumpkins before they noticed. I told her it was too late and we agreed that the best approach was to just replace the pumpkin and divert them off the topic rather than tell the truth that their mother was responsible for destroying something they placed such a high value on.

Todays Photos:
1. A walk in the woods in search of the missing pumpkin.
2. Daniel spots the pumpkin in the woods.
3. Pumpkin
4. Tank (The dog next door).

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