Sunday, October 01, 2006

Coming Home

Hi MaMa, Papa is a little tired so I decided to Update you. I cant wait to see you, we are in amsterdam and the tickets in papas bag says we will be in at 5:15. I threw up all over papas shirt and pants but he didnt get mad and he smells, but I didnt tell him that. I figured out that if you smile at him he kisses you instead of getting mad. So I dont think I will have to get any time outs like Daniel and James do.
Can you spend lots of time with me when I get home, just you and me? You can sing me a song about my new home and put me in my new bed, I heard I have my own room. I got upgraded to first class on the plane. They brought out this nice bed for me to sleep in, but Papa wasnt that lucky, I dont think he smiled the right way. We had a great flight and cant wait to see everyone, love you, see you in a few hours

your daughter


Papa says hi too and sends his love to you and the boys, see you around 7:30?

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jpippitt said...

Hello Rebecca -

I cannot wait to see you counting down the hours!!! Of course I will spend plenty of time with you just you and I - the boys can't wait to play with you also - I have new food for you and lots of special toys - your mama