Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Be Nice

We had some errands to run today and after Rebecca got up from her nap (noon time) we headed out to get hair cuts for the boys. We pulled up and headed inside and it wasn’t really crowded at all. We took off our jackets and dropped our stuff in the waiting area and then got in line. There were a few people ahead of us and a woman and her son came in after us. I had left Rebecca’s juice in the bag so I told Daniel and James to stand there and went over to the waiting area to get it. When I turned around the lady behind us was in front of Daniel and James. I mentioned to her that the boys were in front of her and she said she thought I had left. I said to her that it didn’t make any sense because my boys were standing right there. She said that she was in a hurry today and hoped that I didn’t mind and proceeded to ignore me and started talking to the woman at the desk.
I would never in a million years think of treating someone that way, but I encounter them all day long. If she had asked me or said her son had an appointment after this and wanted to go ahead of me I would have said sure. So I got up to the desk asked the woman to put my name ahead of the other woman’s and she said she already did and indicated it happens all day long. When they called Daniels name the woman got up with her son and angrily spoke to the woman at the desk and then left. They called James right after so I had both of them in the chair at the same time. The last time we got hair cuts was in Kazakhstan and it went okay, but not great and the time before that was a near disaster and they cried the whole time. But they had this treasure chest filled with little toys that they get to choose from and James spotted a little space shuttle and Daniel a boat and said they could get one if they were good and sat in the chair……. And it worked!!!!!
Rebecca just sat in her stroller and enjoyed all the activity and didn’t say a word.

The first photo you can see Daniel, James and Rebecca. The second is James enjoying himself and the last one is Daniel trying to get thru it..

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