Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Aunt Annie's Visit

Aunt Auntie came to visit from Connecticut and the boys were thrilled. Rebecca awoke from her nap and greeted Aunt Annie with a big smile, we had not seen her in awhile so it was nice to sit and catch up.
Rebecca is getting stronger and stronger. She crawled across the room and pulled herself up to a standing position at the couch, although we are not encouraging standing/cruising yet because she still hasn’t mastered her crawling. Rebecca still crawls using the non traditional “Army crawl” on her elbows and lower arms and hasn’t developed enough trunk and upper body strength to push up and creep on her hands and knees.
Some schools of thought believe it is important to master sitting before crawling and crawling before standing etc. which supposedly aids in a child’s development of gross and fine motor skills and precipitates coordination in activities like running, playing, and writing. later on in the child’s development. We have not totally embraced all aspects of this thinking but would like her to build her upper arm strength a little more before walking.

We all headed outside in the afternoon to take a walk and burn off some energy. The day flew by and we all said goodbye to Annie.

Today’s pictures:

1. Aunt Annie and Rebecca
2. James holding an umbrella to block raining leaves.
3. Aunt Annie and Daniel playing with play-doh.

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