Sunday, September 10, 2006

Off to Amelia's

Saturday we finally started to get into gear and prepare for Rebecca coming home. We purchased booster seats for Daniel and James and cleaned up one of their seats for Rebecca. I couldn’t believe what a job that was; the seat had to be totally disassembled to get the cover off so that it could be washed. It took me most of the morning.
James has been bugging us to go to Amelia’s for lunch (since Kazakhstan) so after I got Rebecca’s car seat installed we headed off to “Good Harbor beach” in Gloucester. This may be one of the last really nice days so we took advantage (mid 80’s I think). The boys burned off a ton of energy, Daniel spent the entire time cleaning up all the seaweed off the beach and from the water so the east coast beaches should be fairly void of seaweed for most of the week, James inspected everyone’s umbrellas to see if they were secure.

Amelia’s is a nice indoor/outdoor restaurant right near the beach that serves great baked haddock. The boys ate mostly fries, life was good for James and we then headed home. The booster seats are nice; they can just climb in themselves. James slept on the way home and Daniel had lots of questions about his old seat and why it was facing backwards and when Rebecca would be coming home, why she couldn’t just sit on his lap and he could hold her etc.

We didn’t get home until after 8:00, so off to bed.

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Thad & Ann said...

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