Thursday, September 28, 2006

Medical tests

Wednesday Rebecca was up and ready to go at 5:30 am. She was all smiles and couldn’t wait to be picked up. We dressed, had breakfast and Eugene was waiting for us at 8:30 to take us to the SOS clinic, as he said he would. Eugene is Olegs father and is very kind and efficient, he had also helped us out when we were here adopting Daniel and James 3 years ago. The Almaty group runs like clockwork, are always on time, makes sure we are comfortable and tells us the schedule in advance which really helps in planning the day. At the clinic Eugene signed us in and were called in to have blood drawn for Rebecca’s HIV test. She did very well, not a tear. Next we sat in the waiting room and ran into Eli and Evone (small world) before going in for Rebeccas exam. We put her on the scale and she weighed 18.6 pounds and measured 27”. The exam reveled she had a sore throat with a slight ear infection but not too bad. Rest, fluids and she should be fine in a couple of days, was the prescription. Other than that she is in perfect health !! From there we headed over to the photo shop to have Rebecca’s picture taken, there was a small studio in the back where a photographer worked. There were about four or five people ahead of us to have photos taken but Eugene just walked right past the first person in line and into the studio, had a conversation with the photographer and then told me to come on in. I felt bad that we were cutting in line like that and told Eugene that there were other people ahead of us. They seemed annoyed at first until Eugene spoke to them. It was a very long explanation but when he was done talking they all looked at Rebecca, smiled and gestured for me to go in. Rebecca smiled on cue, one picture and we were done.
We got back to the hotel at about 10:30, Oleg stopped over at noon time to review our paper work and lay out our schedule for the next few days. The HIV results take 24 hours at which time we schedule our interview with the US emabassy. Oleg indicated he thought it would be Friday at 2:30pm. The embassy should make their decision by 4:30 and issue a Visa for Rebecca to travel. There are no flights on Saturday on KLM so we will stay on schedule and fly out Sunday morning.
After Rebecca’s nap we went to the market for water, soda and bread. I was scolded at least 3 times on my trip because Rebecca did not have shoes on. I tried to explain that she doesn’t walk yet, and she has 2 pairs of socks on and stretch type pants underneath, with feet, so that’s 3 layers. It was warm outside, I was just wearing a short sleeve shirt myself.
After we got back to the hotel we played for awhile, I fed her and gave Rebecca her first bath. The room only came with a shower but the sink looked big enough. I got the shampoo out filled the sink up with warm water and put Rebecca in, but she displaced more water than I had thought and it spilled all over the floor. So I pulled her out and let some of the water out of the sink and Rebecca had this expression on her face that I cant describe but I think I lost some trust points on that one. She enjoyed the bath and I managed to shampoo her hair without getting it into her eyes. I dressed her in her pajamas and we walked down to a little room they have in the back with tables and chairs and plants. We explored there for awhile and then off to bed. She didn’t go down easy at all and screamed for half an hour, she would calm down a little if I sat next to the crib and talked with her but she was still crying. Finally I picked her up and put her in bed with me and she fell asleep immediately. I would have left her there but I am so afraid that I will roll over on her in my sleep so I carefully put her back in the crib and she slept though the night.

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