Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Last "Unofficial" Day of Summer

Well our finger prints came thru (thanks to our agency) so we are set to go with our I-797C. I guess I still need to get a visa to travel so that is my next hurdle.
The boys met their teachers today at orientation. I couldn’t be with both of them so the schools director, Pam, took James to his classroom and I went with Daniel to his because he was feeling a bit insecure.
It was longer than I expected (about 1 ½ hours) but they held up fairly well. They seem to like their teachers and we said our goodbyes until tomorrow (first day of school) headed off to the park afterwards and then to our favorite ice cream place. James chose a table with an umbrella and had chocolate.
Daniel had Strawberry with a little “mint chocolate chip” mixed in (always so complicated). Mallory (Daniel and James’ sitter) stopped over after school and was excited to tell us all about her first 2 days of high school. A couple of seniors tried to sell her elevator passes for $2 and another was selling tickets to the “seniors lounge” for $5 which she didn’t purchase. I guess some aspects of high school haven’t changed very much since I have attended. She wanted to see pictures of Rebecca and thought she was too cute and said she can’t wait to start baby sitting for her (I wonder if the price goes up now that there are three?).

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