Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to School

We had a very nice “Labor day”, we spent it with some family, had a cook out (Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Bratwurst, chips and chocolate cake) good thing I took an extra lipitor. Daniel and James got to play with Victoria and Stephen.
I have been researching hotels and decided that I will stay at the Hotel Kazzhol (in Almaty) which is about $140/160/night with breakfast included vs staying at the Hyatt which is $280/night with nothing included. When we stayed there breakfast cost us over $100, water cost us $5.00. Plus, it would be nice to stay someplace different and be able to walk to stores, food places etc. since I will be there a few days with Rebecca.
Jeanine left for England after the cook out and will not be home until Friday and I will be busy this week getting the kids ready for school, I still have all the release forms, medicals etc. to fill out and drop off. The boys will be attending in the afternoon session. We have the option of them taking the bus to school, but I opted to take them and pick them up (at least to start with). Although they are “World Travelers” now and can now manager and maintain their balance in a car weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds without a seat belt and exposure to older children (4 ½ year olds) doesn’t run a high risk of them picking up any long lasting bad habits like chewing tobacco or gambling with their snack money I just feel it is better (for me) to pick them up and drop them off, plus it gives me a chance to speak to the teachers and keep up on how they are doing.


Pops in Kaz said...

Hey Gang!!!

We enjoyed reading about the adjustment of being back home. How's the rabbit?

Rebecca is doing great! I can tell she misses you all but I'm sure she is anxiously awaiting your return. We will keep her in diapers to avoid those rashes!

You will never know how much we enjoyed the food! We are afraid to eat it because then it will be gone! The soup was so much a taste of home and Susan loved the Mac-n-Cheese!

We have already discussed a New England vacation and you all will definately be on our list of stops to make.

Lord willing we will be in Almaty Sept. 14th - 16th. Our flight home is currently scheduled for the 18th but we will bump it up if we can get out earlier.

Tell the boys hello!

Talk to you soon and God Bless!

Tim, Susan and Luke

The 5 McGills said...


Be sure to secure all your belongings and keep your passport, money and credit cards on you at all times, like when you are sleeping, at Hotel Kazhol. I know lots of families stay there and we considered it, but another family had their money, passports and credit cards stolen from their room while they slept a day or 2 before they were went home earlier this summer.

Good luck getting all your forms done for school!

Debbie, Mike, Tim & Matt

The Pippitts said...

Yes, (thanks for the heads up) it was unfortunate and I was a little unsettled by it myself at the time. But as we put it in perspective we realized that all hotels have that problem (there and here). I just plan to secure my door at night. I heard there are many families who are staying there that are adopting in Almaty and you can walk to many restaurants, shops and there is a park nearby where we can take Rebecca for a walk (if the weather holds).

The Pippitts said...

Tim and Susan, It is so funny that you mention you are afraid to eat it because it will be gone. That is why we had so much left over, I felt the same way. There was something comforting in knowing I had some food in the house from home. Mac and Cheese or soup once in awhile was nice.

That would just be so nice if you could make it up to New England to visit us. Thank you guys so much for looking in on Rebecca, I have often questioned our decision to leave her and come back (although we really didn’t have a choice). It is difficult, after you have bonded, to leave your child behind. Thank you for giving diapers for Rebecca, you really didn’t have to do that, I never thought to leave a larger supply behind to carry her over, so I owe you big time. I thought we would meet up in Almaty, but I guess not, unless our flight schedule changes. I am scheduled to travel on the 22nd. I will let you know if it changes. Looks like you only have a week left, it will fly by as you try out your favorite restaurants for the last time, getting food for Luke (I could use some tips in that department) and getting that little guy to Almaty so he can be stamped and certified for his trip to the US. You must be so ready to be home, though. Take care.

Did you get to see the UK game on Saturday?