Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Autumn is knocking

We have had a nice week, Jeanine took the boys “Apple picking” over the weekend and they had a blast and came home with a couple bags of apples so we have plenty of snacks for the coming weeks. Daniel and James have been watching this little farm stand we pass everyday and they have had pumpkins out over the past few weeks (but no cornstalks) and keep asking to stop because they really like pumpkins and cornstalks and the idea of having them in our own yard is all they have been talking about. So they finally had the cornstalks out this week and we stopped and picked out some pumpkins and a cornstalk. We took them home and placed them on the front lawn. It was a very momentous occasion with lots of fanfare as we attached the cornstalk to our mailbox and crowds gathered to see how nice it looked and experience the placing and organizing of the pumpkins at the base of the cornstalk. I must admit that it is the finest display depicting our celebration of the onset of autumn that could be assembled. Daniel asked if he could look for some corn and managed to find 2 ears which he pulled off and shucked all over the driveway which would remain and serve as visual evidence of our Revelry. After the crowds thinned a bit we headed in for dinner, bath and bed. We wake up each morning and look out the window and take great personal satisfaction that our creation is still there.
The bus is working out well for all of us. I have arranged for the boys to go to a neighbor’s house while I am away. She runs a daycare and has agreed to take them on for next week, she serves breakfast, lunch and will get them on and off the bus!!

Rebecca’s room is almost ready, we moved all the boys toys and stuff out, put up a couple of shelves, rearranged her closet. The only major piece left is to find a rug for her floor which will eliminate the echo effect and quiet the room down a little.
Well the time is coming quickly and I am starting to get a little anxious about my trip (I leave in 3 days). We purchased some clothes to take along with us; the weather report shows that it gets down close to the freezing mark at night so I will be bringing some warm clothes also. I have to say that I have experienced numerous stressful situations in my personal and professional life, deadlines, public speaking, job interviews, product launches etc. but I feel under prepared for this trip and cannot sooth myself with the knowledge that there is a plan “B”. I will be going to the orphanage and the caretakers will hand Rebecca over to me and then what? Hopefully she will not sense my trepidation, but I am sure we will stare at each other and try to determine which one of us is more scared, I guess. The scales tip heavily in her favor, though, for she will be the one leaving the only place she has ever known, familiar sights and smells, the security of a hard fast routine and people she knows and who care for her.
I will need to figure out her schedule, feed her food she has never had before, try to sleep when she sleeps. She was very frightened when we took her in the car to get her passport photos I cant imagine how she will like the airplane rides.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a terrific entree to fall. And in case I don't get a chance later, best wishes for your trip.

Our dossier just got to Libby today...maybe we'll be traveling by January?!

Ann Marie

Carolyn & Igor said...

Dear Dan - we'll be thinking of you and know that once you and Rebecca are together it'll all be fine. Travel safely!