Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Astana (Monday)

Nicholi picked me up at 3:45 am and we headed over to the airport. I had a very smooth and uneventful trip to Astana. It is curious how people see me as that different from the rest. As I was entering the plane the attendant said good morning to everyone in Russian/Kazakh and as I passed she spoke to me in English. Maybe because I was the only one not wearing a suit and I was carrying a backpack instead of a briefcase. Dina and Bouchon were waiting for me and we headed over to the hotel. I am not sure how to spell the name of the hotel, right now, but it is the same place Elana stayed at when she came to visit us. The hotel is under construction and extremely loud when I got to my room. I had to pay in cash with little chance of getting my money back, so I think I quickly decided that Rebecca would spend one more night in her old bed where it was quiet and she had a crib.

So we finally headed over to the Baby house and I met with Rebeccas Doctor(s) and found that she was healthy!!! No cold, no ear infection. We retrieved her immunization records and medical history and then went to see Doctor Alma the director. She was very nice, we spoke about the challenges that bestow those who raise children, she gave me some tips on traveling with a 9 month year old and said again that she was happy that we brought Daniel and James with us because she enjoyed meeting them again. Well I headed up to see Rebecca and it turns out she was asleep so I had an hour to burn. I walked around and ran into Easton and his parents from Las Vegas. They seemed so overjoyed, their waiting period had expired and they were taking Easton back to the apartment with them, so we spoke for awhile and said goodbye and promised to keep in touch. I said I would put my email address on the blog. I also ran into Adin (sp?) and his parents, who I had met briefly on my previous trip. We may see them in Almaty at the end of our trip. I also spotted Eli with one of the caretakers, he has gotten so big !! His mother, Evone, is doing 2 trips also and is expected back tomorrow to retrieve him. So there will be many of us in Almaty next week.
Well, Rebecca finally woke up and when I went in to see her she had this big smile for me !! I didn’t think she would remember me after being gone for a month. The caretakers dressed her warm and we went out for a walk, she grabbed onto my collar with both hands and never let go the whole time we were outside. She looks very healthy, I got her to giggle a few times and I really enjoyed my 2 hours with her. She cried a little towards the end and seemed a little frightened as we headed back to her room. She took comfort with one of her caretakers, who I had not met before.
So the plan is that the caregivers will feed Rebecca before I pick her up, tomorrow and then we will go directly to the Airport and then off to Almaty. I heard the Ministry of Health is coming tomorrow for inspections so the place is getting spruced up a little.

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