Saturday, September 23, 2006


Hi, I made it to Amsterdam. I didnt sleep at all. I went to the KLM ticket counter to try to get assigned seating for our return flight with a bassinet, which are typically the bulkhead seats and am glad I did. I found out that Rebecca cannot return home on an electronic ticket. I guess infants need paper tickets (atleast with KLM/Northwest)so I repurchased the tickets which turned out to be alot cheaper than doing it in Almaty. But they still couldnt reserve the bulkhead seat for me, I will have to try again in Almaty.
Well I am going to look around for "Bruce the shark" in the lost and found room and then walk around a bit before my next flight to Almaty. My coordinator, Libby, indicated that there may be room at the Hotel KazZhol !! So I am feeling a little better about knowing where I am staying.
Well time running out, I will try to update in Kazakhstan.


Anjanette said...

Dan -

They won't assign you the bulkhead until you check in at Almaty airport to return home. We tried at all steps as well - even the ticket office in Almaty couldn't do it. I would still have Oleg or Nicolai take you to that office to see if they can arrange it but usually they are "held" because it is too close to when you return.

Glad you are safe and I hope you found Bruce. I wonder if he was with our DVD player. Be safe!


Suz said...

I know you're beyond super busy, but wanted to invite you to be a part of the new "Blog-Pals connection" Come visit my blog for the explanation of what Blog-Pals is all about!

The 5 McGills said...

Hope things are going well with Rebecca and that you won't be too delayed by the new testing requirements. Enjoy your time alone with her and take lots of pictures.