Saturday, September 02, 2006

Adjusting Back

We have had a long transition adjusting back to our time zone. If it was just Jeanine and I we would have adjusted quickly but the boys were falling asleep at 3:00 in the afternoon and waking up at midnight. So we slowly pushed it a little each day until now (Saturday) they are finally back on schedule.
We picked up our mail from the post office. It is amazing how much junk mail we get, about 10% of what we got was actually meaningful and/or warranted opening. The rest we just transferred into a small trashbag. The one important piece we were looking for was not there, our new I-797C. INS also needs to cable this to the US Embassy in Almaty because our Fingerprints expired, I always thought finger prints never changed. Why do we keep having to update the INS database with new prints? Our agency has been great and said they will handle all the leg work and make sure the info gets to Almaty on time and copies are sent to us at home. We picked up our rabbit (Patches) yesterday from Jeanines Mom. It was a tough job for her. It turned out she discovered she was allergic to Rabbits and has been taking Allergy medication for 4-5 weeks, she didn’t tell us it was that bad, I guess, because she didn’t want us to worry. The rabbit chewed thru the wires in her place and she had to replace her alarm clock, a lamp and have a new cable installed for her Television. She said the cable guy didn’t quite believe what it said on his “Work Order” so he asked to see the Rabbit, he didnt appear to be a big rabbit fan. Our water pump died while we were away and had to have that replaced, but everything else seems to be okay. We need to start getting Rebecca’s room together and prep it for her arrival.

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