Wednesday, September 13, 2006

15 Day Wait is over

The mandatory 15 day waiting period has passed without a hitch so the papers are stamped and sealed!! Spent the last couple of days getting ready for the 2nd trip. I needed to fill out my visa application and submit another photo and passport. So off to the bank for a certified check and then to the post office. I received my tentative travel schedule so I went ahead and purchased tickets. The best deal is still Northwest Airlines thru Amsterdam. So I will be leaving on Friday September 22nd and returning on October 1st. We got word today that little Rebecca is still sick, runny nose and another ear infection. I think she has grown resistant to the antibiotics because she has had this infection since at least July 30th and probably longer so it is very concerning. I was able to get her into the system at our pediatrician’s office today so she will be able to go right in, after she gets home, and get her checked out. I was told by an, in country, informant that the Popplewells went out and bought some diapers for Rebecca (again) because she had a serious diaper rash. We will have to figure out a way to repay the favor someday, so thank you Tim, Susan and Luke for caring so much and helping our little one, especially when you have your hands full and are travelling to Almaty today.
I have been driving the boys back and forth to school everyday and it has slowly dawned on me that this routine will be very difficult after Rebecca gets home, especially since we need to park quite a distance from the school and walk in (the way it is structured right now) and with the snow/slush and a baby in tow it is going to be very difficult come winter time. So I have requested that they start taking the bus. So Tomorrow is the first day, the bus comes at noon and…………well…………… we will see what happens. I will miss the contact with the teachers and getting quick updates on how their day went.


pearly1979 said...

Can you take along an antibiotic to start her on when you see her?Did the pediatrician have any concerns about her flying with a potential ear infection? It's possible the doctor at the visa medical appointment will give you an antibiotic if he diagnoses an ear infection but you may leave with in like 48 hours after that (this happened to us with our daughter in 2003) so it wouldn't have much time to start working. I'd ask the pediatrician about taking something with you for her so you can start it right away.

Pops in Kaz said...

Hey guys!

We are still in Astana and will remain here until Sunday. We had a paperwork glitch that is keeping us in country for 2 extra days.

Your friendship is payment enough! We have became very attached to Rebecca and are glad to help!

We hope you have a safe flight and that Rebecca feels better soon!

Tim, Susan and Luke

The 5 McGills said...


Have a safe trip. Are you returning alone? Hope Rebecca feels better soon. Flying with an ear infection is not fun. It's hard to believe your boys are taking the bus - makes them sound so grown up! I'm not quite ready for that yet.