Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunday (no visit today)

Sunday we all got up about 4:00 am had breakfast, read some books and slowly got dressed. Bauzhon and his girlfriend showed up to escort us to Church.

I expected the church to be old but I didn’t expect it to be so hidden away. We drove down some back alleys and then we finally parked and Bauzhon said we need to walk from here. So we got out and walked a ways and saw some people gathered in front of a large gray gate.
Behind the gray gate was a pathway canopied by trees and as we walked thru and started down the path we could see the church. The reconstruction was being done on the exterior of the church and the main entrance was blocked and we entered thru the side.
When we got there we realized we just missed Communion.
We didn’t know what time we should be there so we guessed 9:45 (based on the time we go at home this would be early for us).

Bauzhon was a trooper, as he wasn’t familiar with the church and I had asked him if he could get the name of the church for me and the answer he got was sort of fragmented, he thought the woman said “Constantine” (It didn’t sound right to me).
Bauzhon asked if I could take pictures and they said it would be okay, so I got some nice shots (I will include a few). The church is very old. It was build in 1854 and has been under reconstruction since 2001. Maybe next week I will firm up the name of the church.

After church we headed over to an indoor park where the kids could run around. Daniel wanted to go inside this huge play area. It is totally enclosed and has a ball pit and slide, multiple levels for climbing. It cost 200 Tenge which is about $1.50 for 20 minutes. He had a blast, climbing up rock walls and jumping on trampolines. I stood for awhile watching and finally Daniel sat down and just started talking to this little girl about his age (we couldn’t hear what they were saying) but they laughed and conversed for a few minutes and then ran off following each other around.
I don’t think she spoke English but they seemed to communicate well. James wanted to walk around and see the rockets and kids playing so I took him around and Jeanine stayed with Daniel. They had some replicas of Kazakhstan Rockets which he liked and a place where you could suit up and do Sumo Wrestling

After Daniel got out we walked over to the Aquarium, which was quit nice. I was told it held the distinction (Guinness book of records) of being the aquarium furthest from the ocean. James started yelling “Bruce”!!
and I realized they had a life size “Bruce”(Shark) at the entrance to the aquarium (which he left in Amsterdam), so we had to get a picture. The aquarium was really nice. At one point Bauzhon was carrying James and James was putting his hands in the water and the guard came running over and told us that some children had the tips of their fingers bitten off by the piranha fish and that we needed to stay behind the blue line. .

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The 5 McGills said...

Looks like you all had a good time at Duman. Tim would have loved the ball pit/climbing place, too! The Church looks really nice and very different from the one we went to. In case you need a backup Church, the one we went to is on the way to the Baby House on the right - Our Mother of Perpetual Help - and Mass in Russian is at 11:00 AM and in English at 6:00 PM.
Hope you had a good visit today.