Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Night out

We had a very nice weekend. We saw Rebecca on Saturday and knowing we did not have a camera Anuira took some pictures of us and then Tim and Susan down loaded them onto our computer via a “Flash card” which was very nice of them. They are the ones you see on this post.
We were busy running around on Saturday; we managed to take a walk thru the park in-between errands. Daniel and James went on pony rides and were thrilled. Daniel spotted a peacock and James has a blast looking at all the toys vendors have hanging from their umbrellas (Wish I had pictures). Daniels latest thing is saying thank you and good bye to every one (in Russian). Everytime the waitress brings something to the table or we get something at the store its”Spasiba” and then “Paka”. He actually says it better than I do, must be his heritage. I think James might be going thru a growth spurt he has really been eating well and taking his meal time seriously.

Last night (Saturday) Bouzhons girl friend volunteered to watch the boys so Jeanine and I could go out to dinner. She is an English teacher and seems to really enjoy spending time with them. We went to the “East West” Restaurant, which turned out to be very nice. We had an Indian/lamb dish with a curry chicken appetizer and soup which was excellent. We had a long overdue talk about the past weeks’ events and were able to slow down a bit and put things in perspective. They had some live music and we danced a little and then took a long walk along the Ishim river which passes thru the center of Astana. It felt good to decompress a little. We have some extremely difficult decisions to make which we just cant share with anyone at this time (which in itself is frustrating). Just pray that we choose a wise path…………
Elana is coming, by train, tomorrow from Karaganda with her son to visit us for a week or more. Jeanine has been looking forward to her visit and the timing could not be better.

Isn’t Rebecca a happy baby!!


pearly1979 said...

She is beautiful. May God be with you as you make these hard decisions you are faced with.

Thomas said...

Dear uncle dan and aunt jeanine,
is rebecca's ear going to be okay?
contact me soon love,