Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Camera

Hi Thomas !! Rebecca went to the Hospital again yesterday to have her ears cleaned and she is doing fine. The ear infection is gone, she still has a slight cold. It is typical for the kids to go to the hospital here for routine visits and to receive medications.
Rebecca and I spent the day together alone. Jeanine isn’t feeling well and the boys stayed with Elana. Rebecca and I spent the first hour in the play room with her friends Luke and Eli and then I dressed her in winter clothes (it was really cold out today) and we went for a walk around the outside of the building. We sat briefly and talked to a little girl whose Kazak name translates to “Hope”, we have been talking to her often as we pass. She is a sweet little girl who is about 6 years old and has some physical limitations/ disabilities and enjoys sitting with us. The group was called in and we said goodbye to Hope and Rebecca and I headed in, she was very sleepy after the fresh air she had.
Bouzhon picked me up and we went shopping for a camera. The people at the store were really accommodating and demonstrated a few cameras for me. I actually enjoyed all the quality checks they do on the merchandise here because I got a chance to see how all the features of the camera works. I ended getting a Cannon (I was amazed at how cameras are getting smaller and smaller). I’ll have to get a converter when I get home, though, to charge it. We swung by a store which has fresh roasted chickens and I picked up one for dinner and looked around for some chocolate for myself to have at night and came across this chocolate bar. The writing in Kazak underneath, I was told, said “Safe for Women”. (My first picture with the new camera)
We were hoping to get some news today from the DOE, but the sun has set and nothing has been resolved. We have been told to we need to wait until tomorrow, sigh……… another day.

Photos not attaching, try again tomorrow.


The 5 McGills said...

Hi! Hope Jeanine is feeling better. Sounds like it was nice to have some Daddy/daughter time. Looking forward to more posts.


ThomasPippitt said...

Dear Uncle Dan,
How sick is Aunt Jeanine? Is she better yet?
I'm starting my first year of middle school on Monday. I'm going to play football for the school. Hope Jeanine gets better.

ThomasPippitt said...

Hi Uncle Dan,
Why is Jeanine sick? Is she still sick?
I start middle school on Monday. I want to play football for the school.
Hope Jeanine is better.

Anonymous said...

actually the chocolate cover says keep away from women.