Thursday, August 10, 2006

Morning at the Hospital

Today Rebecca was not at the baby house when we got there. They had taken her to the hospital to have her ears looked at by a specialist. We waited about an hour outside while the boys played with some of the kids, I walked around and took some pictures of the grounds. Rebecca seemed fine when she came back and we spent about 45 minutes with her. The head doctor and Rebecca’s doctor would like to speak to us tomorrow at 9:30. So we will see the doctors before our visit. We have a list of questions for them also, so wish us luck; we hope all the news is good.

We had lunch with Dinah and got home early (about 2:00). We literally all sat down and fell asleep, James and I on the couch and Daniel fell asleep on the floor before Jeanine picked him up and put him to bed. We got up after about an hour and a half and took the boys outside for a couple of hours to play with the local kids.
There must be some dignitaries coming to town, lots of police presence over the past 2 days and not allowing us to park in front of most of the stores and restaurants. We haven’t even plugged the Television in yet and all the papers are in Kazakh so we feel a little isolated from the news and world events, I check our Yahoo homepage once in a while to catch the headlines and Red Sox results.

Well we are off to bed, wish us luck tomorrow.

Front Gate leading to the Baby house
James in the Play area
Daniel on the swing.


The 5 McGills said...

Hope all goes well with the Drs. tomorrow!

Since you haven't had the news on, the biggest story at the moment is the arrest of terrorists in London who were going to blow up a bunch of planes bound for the US from Heathrow. Be happy you are not traveling right now - no carry on luggage at all from Heathrow and in the US everyone had to get rid of anything liquid in their carry-ons today. It's been a mess.

The boys look like they're having a good time. Have you been to Neighborhood Cafe yet for pizza or burgers?

Stay well. Debbie

The Pippitts said...

We could really go for a pizza about now. We will try that this week.

Diane said...

I hope the Red Sox results aren't depressing you! Maybe they will do better when you come back.