Friday, August 18, 2006


Daniel, James and Jenna are really getting along well. You wouldn’t know there was a language barrier. We picked Rebecca up as usual and brought her into the play room and right off she started crawling across the floor to try and get to my camera!! Another milestone….

The 2 hours went by very quickly and we asked if we could put her to bed and the caretakers said yes. It was nice to see where she sleeps, each crib is marked with the childs’ name and birth date. I was allowed to take pictures of the rooms she spends most of her time in which will be a nice memento for us. I was able to talk with her doctor and she indicated that Rebecca is doing well, although there is still a little drainage from one ear still and is still a little congested.

After our visit, we went to get some food to feed everyone for lunch, picked up some medicine, socks, and a onesy for Rebecca.

After lunch we headed over to the park for the rest of the afternoon. A gypsy woman, holding this bird and about a 1,000 slips of paper held together by a rubber band, walked up to me and asked if I wanted my fortune read. I said, Yeah, why not, I figured she would give me one of those slips of paper and charge me a buck. So Elana was Translating for me. The way it works is she asks my name and then reads my palm. Then she waves this bird around my palm about 30 times, while she recites something like a chant (Elana didn’t know what she was saying either). When she stopped she said the bird will chose your fortune. If the bird picks only one piece of paper it is usually bad news. If the bird picks more than one then it is good news and it costs 20 tenge (15 cents) per piece of paper. She said okay? I said it sounds good. So the bird starts picking papers out of the stack and throwing them on the ground and after about 10 pieces I bent over to pick them up, figuring it would indicate I had plenty or maybe distract the bird but she told me to leave them there and that it is bad luck to touch them. Well this bird just continued to pluck out pieces of paper and toss them on the ground and I just stood there in disbelief, I thought he would pick out 3 or maybe 4 but we were up to about 30 pieces and the woman looked at me, smiled and said “you are very lucky today!”. As we approached 40 pieces I realized she was the one having a lucky day and the bird didn’t look tired at all (I could hear PT Barnum whispering in my left ear…). Finally the bird just stopped very abruptly and chirped. The woman picked up all the pieces of paper and said there were 60 pieces and that I should pick 2 to read now and the other fortunes I have to wait until after midnight to start reading and they should all be burned before 3 days pass. I thought I would ask that since I was in the middle of an adoption process, had 2 three year olds with me and didn’t know the language she could give me and extension on the 3 days, but I figured it would cost me more so I kept quiet. So it ended up costing me about $10 and Elana read the 2 fortunes for me which further reinforced that luck was on my side and will continue.

We all got ice cream and enjoyed watching the kids run around.


Anjanette said...

You guys seem to be having a blast! What a wonderful opportunity for your boys to see Kaz in a positive light. Rebecca looks so happy and healthy. We think about you all every day. I would love to hear from Elana but she has to email Ronnie... I don't get her emails. It is so strange. You guys are almost making me jealous... getting to spend all that time with her and Jenna in Astana!


The 5 McGills said...

Sounds like you and the fortune teller both had good luck today! Reading your blog is making me even more excited to come back and pick up Matt. As much as I'm looking forward to having both our boys back home, I also wish we could spend some time in Astana with both of them. I think we'd all have a good time. Maybe some other time . . .

Do you know when your court date is yet?

Take care,
Debbie, Mike & Tim