Saturday, August 19, 2006

Melting my Heart

Rebeccas forth tooth is coming in !! All the families were told to go outside today because the playroom was being used by some of the kids. So we ventured outside, it was nice and warm (low 80’s) and we took a walk around the baby house and then a few of us sat and talked about our experiences and exchanged some good places to eat around Astana. Rebecca was very content just being held by Papa today. She didn’t want to be put down but just wanted to enjoy having her head on my shoulder. A very calm day. We met a very nice couple who are from Minnesota (Presently living in Las Vegas, I think) whos apartment has ESPN on their TV set!! So we talked a little baseball. I guess the Twins fans are a little frustrated because they are doing well this year but they are in third place despite a better than .500 record.
We had a few setbacks during our process so we still don’t have a court date. We are expected to find out who our judge is on Monday so we should get a Court date set on Tuesday. Our coordinator feels it won’t be more than a week away from then.

We went back to our apartment and made some chicken and rice for lunch. I plugged in the cable for our television and we seemed get a lot of channels, but nothing much in English. Sponge Bob (in Russian) and then there was this sports channel that had a guy that looked and acted exactly like John Madden only with Asian features broadcasting a Sumo like wrestling match, but no baseball or ESPN.
Daniel and James are really settled into a routine and they seem to enjoy it and feel secure, they have been such good travelers. We haven’t been able to provide them with two days alike back to back, yet they endure, ask questions when they feel insecure , let us know when their needs are not being met (in their own way). We headed over to the indoor park/Aquarium after lunch and as we were getting our tickets I asked Bouzhon a question (in English) and immediately the teller started yelling at Elana that there is a foreigner’s fee and wanted the tickets back.

I was really mad at myself because I knew this and the price is double if you speak English. Not a big deal, only a few dollars. The indoor park has the theme of different countries of the world. You can go to Greece and they have the Greek statues and you can eat Greek food, Japan, they have little gardens, China has the “Great wall of china and a place to eat Chinese food and then America they had a big replica of the “Stature of liberty” , Empire state building. The back drop looked like the Twin towers, kind of a New York scene, mechanical bull ride and then Slot machines which was under construction, like a Las Vegas.

For food they had”Baskin Robbins 31” and a hamburger place which I was told was pretty bad, so we stayed away. James loved to get lost in the Mosque, which was the exhibit of Kazakhstan with traditional Kazakh food. We got tons of photos. We ended the day in the CafĂ© where we bought some juice and snacks. We got some of those long balloons that clowns use to make animals and shapes out of and we sat at the table trying to make things out of the balloons. We really had a blast. Elena shared some funny stories with us, Daniel and James eventually just melted down and we had to leave, but it was a fun day. Jenna has been such a help playing with the boys, it has given me some time to visit which has been nice.
Well Tomorrow is Sunday. We are off to Church and then hope to head into the “New” city to do some sight seeing; we will see how much energy we have.

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