Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last Offical day of Bonding.

We arose this morning and found James covered in hives from head to toe. He wasn’t uncomfortable or itchy but he looked pretty bad, Benadryl cleared it up but the cause is still a mystery. Rebecca (Asemgul) was happy to see us today and we had a great visit her ear was covered again which indicated her ear is still infected. It is very frustrating trying to get answers when you don’t speak the language. I was able to gesture to the caretakers that I wanted to see Rebecca’s doctor and the doctor showed up at about the same time as my translator which helped. It turns out her ear is still draining and it will take time for the antibiotics to work, but it is getting better I was told. The time went by extremely fast and she fell asleep before we took her back to her room. We met with the director of the orphanage afterwards and we were able to resolve all of our issues so we are back on track. Our agency has been very supportive and helpful during this time.

We headed over to the “Russian restaurant” today for lunch. Its inexpensive and the food is good. The boys and I had Russian sausage and scrambled eggs with home fries. Elana, her son Jenna and Bouzhon joined us also. I managed to get a picture of James and Daniel in front of the Bear inside the restaurant, which they love to hang around.

After lunch we headed over to “Umbrella Park”, where we spent a couple of hours walking, exploring, swinging and sliding. Daniel, James and Jenna are becoming good friends and had fun together.

Daniel found a tree that had ears growing on it. He is fascinated with where everything comes from. We told them they don’t grow on trees but he could see what it would be like to have bigger ones. I thought it was a cute picture.

James can pretty much tell you where every umbrella is, he pulled away from me, ran about 30 yards and climbed up on this bench and sure enough there was an umbrella there.
Bouzhon and I had an interesting conversation on traditions, they sing “Happy Birthday” and blow out candles the same as we do, but gifts are typically only given by parents (at least in his family). Marriage traditions are very strict and well defined. The grooms father gives the brides family a horse and a Lamb or sheep. The Brides father is given a full set of clothes and the brides mother a very thick gold bracelet. The ceremonies are held, briefly, in a mosque or church, but the official ceremony takes place at these very elegant buildings designed for marriages with fountains etc. you can see them around the city. Anyway I find his stories fascinating.

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The 5 McGills said...

Congratulations - another milestone in a long and arduous process. We'll pray for a quick court date. Looks like we'll just miss each other again by a few days. Love the pictures of the boys at Samovar. I love that restaurant!
Debbie & Mike