Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hi Mama!!

The day started out as usual. James’ hives have subsided a little this morning. Daniel woke up with me this morning at 6:00am singing and very hungry. He actually ate an egg (which he stopped liking a few months ago) and a large plate of home fries and Kazak sausages. James woke up late and was a little off and didn’t eat very much. I walked in to get Rebecca and she was in this very large play type crib with 2 other children I walked over to the middle of the room and sat on the floor, just to watch her for a minute with the other kids. After about a minute she looked over and spotted me and immediately had this huge smile, buried her face in the mattress and then looked up again and started to giggle a little. I didn’t realize that the caregivers were looking on, they are usually busy feeding and changing the many children. But they all started laughing and saying “Asemgul !! Papa ! She crawled over to the edge and then I picked her up and brought her into the playroom.
There were 3 other couples today in the room and a little crowded so after about a half hour we went outside and took a walk around, perfect day to be outside. Rebecca enjoyed touching the trees and flowers. The time flew by and it was time to say goodbye and she kept her eyes glued on us until they closed the door. Elana and Jenna joined us and we all took a walk to the CafĂ© above the Ram Store (which is across the river) where they had pizza, hot dogs and French fries on the menu. I had a pepperoni, pickle and potato pizza which was excellent and the boys had the fries and hot dogs. They didn’t touch the dogs because they came smothered in ketchup and Mayonnaise (they like it plain). So I know for next time, but the fries were really good. I forget what a salad tastes like it has been so long. We did some shopping at the Ram store for some basics and then headed home for the night. Daniel and James played outside for awhile and then to bed.

Just to clarify, I was curious about Bouzhons story about the grooms’ family having to give the brides family a horse and a lamb as part of the tradition. As I thought about it, it didn’t make sense because there is no place to keep a horse in many parts of the city, so I asked him again and duh, I didn’t occur to me that the horse was meant for consumption. So in the city it is delivered how should I say, already prepared. If the Bride is from outside the city and or has land, then the horse can be delivered or presented by riding it over (the same for the lamb). It escaped me, at the time, that horse is the traditional meat in Kazakhstan.

p.s. Anj, Elana says Hi and said whe will email you.


Carolyn & Igor said...

Hi guys! We're thinking of you lots, keep you in our prayers, and look forward to when you're back home (and of course when we also get to meet Rebecca). A salad awaits you Dan, but maybe we'll add the pepperoni, pickle and potato pizza to the repetoire as well! (igor's not too sure about that one -- apparently he's a bit too americanized...) Justin asks about James & Daniel often and wants to know what they're doing so I relay your blog stories onward to him. He loves it.

Take care of yourselves and stay well -

The 5 McGills said...

Hi Guys! What great pictures - Rebecca is just too cute! I love her big eyes and that she looks so happy all the time. Hope Jeanine is feeling better and glad to hear that James' hives have subsided. Thanks for letting us in on the hot dog condiments - Tim loves ketchup, but I doubt he'd touch one with mayo. Hope you're all doing well. We continue to get ready for Matt's arrival, but since we've pushed up one of next year's project life is once again quite hectic.

Take care,
Debbie & Mike