Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ear Infection

We all got up around 5:30 this morning and had breakfast. I made myself some “Dunkin Donuts” coffee so I was feeling pretty good about life. There is just so much more to do when you are away from home and have two 3 year olds and limited resources. We read some books, sang some songs, had a few time outs. But I do have to say we are back on a rigid schedule and the boys seem to be happier and acting out less.
We headed over to Rebecca’s house and I (PaPa) went in to get her this morning. I walked in and the assistants were feeding some of the kids so I decide to search for Rebecca myself. I spotted Luke but couldn’t find Rebecca, finally I saw her in the corner crib and when she spotted me she gave me this huge smile. The caretakers gestured to me that her bag of clothes were on the chair to change her into (I thought she had her own drawer/ cubby, guess not). Anyway I changed her, as some of the caretakers looked on. They were very nice and jumped in to help with inserting an arm here and there as I struggled to get on her outfit on. She is so tiny I was afraid I would break something. Anyway I brought her into the Playroom and Jeanine noticed right off that she had an ear infection. We notified the nurse, who took her to see the doctor to be examined and confirmed Jeanine’s diagnosis. The doctor prescribed some medication (which we would pick up later in the day). We had a really nice bonding day as a family. The Popplewells (Lukes parents) seemed to have a nice morning. I think Luke has a cold also and they just huddled around him and made him feel as comfortable as possible, they have really accelerated their bonding because Luke is so comfortable and content with them. Rebecca barely complained at all but got a little fussy and tired toward the end of the morning.

My camera is on the fritz, but I managed a few photos. We checked into replacing the camera and found out that they are very expensive here in Asia ($500+ for a digital camera and with name brands I never heard of). We were all tired today so we headed to the “Ram Store” for some supplies and then home for the day.
James and Daniel asked if they could go to play group. I wasn’t sure what they meant and finally James said “Davis Farm” and realized they were really missing home, feeling a little insecure and the St. Xenia’s Play group. We all say”Hi” and thanks for the posts, Diane, Carolyn, Debbie, Anj, Nancy………….

We went out side to burn off some energy and after a little time the boys were surrounded by many local kids asking questions and trying out their English. They managed to corner Daniel at the top of the sliding board.

I stayed within earshot and they kept asking Daniel questions like “What color is this?” or pointing to a dog and asking what is was. They spent a good hour quizzing Daniel and he laughed and had a good time with his new friends. Two boys sat with James and played with him for awhile. The kids here are really good natured, innocent and very kind.

We learned today that we have some challenges ahead of us that may disrupt the process, nothing major, we hope.

Rebecca and MaMa
The boys with friends in our apartment complex.

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The 5 McGills said...

Hi Guys!
Hope Rebecca is feeling better today. Sounds like you're all doing well and you've finally gotten on a more "normal" schedule. Love all the pictures, especially the boys playing with the local kids! Hopefully your process glitches don't hold you up too much.
Take care,